About Us - NYP Gambia

About Us

The National Youth Parliament-The Gambia (NYP) is a non- partisan, non-profit youth organization that was established as an advocacy, development oriented and youth empowerment institution that will immensely contribute towards the development of the youth and the proper management of their welfares through their active participation and involvement in decision making and implementation of programs.
This body lays a foundation to connect young people with policy makers, government, private sector, civil society organizations, the media and all the relevant stakeholders to discuss issues affecting young people and find solutions to them. It has persuasive authority and serves as both a mouthpiece and platform for the youth of The Gambia, championing the causes of the youth, advocating on the issues affecting the youth, especially the rights of the youth in the African Youth Charter, engaging with duty bearers and other stakeholders for greater fulfillment of the rights and aspirations of the youth.
The Youth Parliament has implemented series of events on these areas through capacity building programs, sensitization tours, radio and TV programs, inter-party dialogues, seminars, election observation, voter education, just to name a few.
The Parliament takes part in building a cohesive society where youthful voices are heard and a future desirable for all and sundry. In January 2021, a new National Executive Council (NYP) was elected in a process spearheaded by the Independent Electoral Commission.
2021, The National Youth Parliament (NYP) the Gambia embarked on a reformation process to regulate the structure, membership and operation of the National Youth Parliament. A key aspect of this commitment is to improve the standard of the NYP to fit the generally recognized parliamentary system, while enhancing effectiveness, efficiency, representation, accountability, connecting to the communities deeper, among many other things.

MISSION: The mission of NYP shall be: “Building a better Gambia with effective participation of informed and capacitized young people contributing towards national development through principle-centered leadership development and advocacy.”

VISION: The vision of the National Youth Parliament - The Gambia shall be: “A Gambia with effective youth participation in leadership and national development”.