Faq - NYP Gambia

NYP is a non-partisan, non-profit youth organization founded in 2002. It is dedicated to empowering young people and championing initiatives that enhance youth participation in decision-making processes and provide solutions to societal problems.


You can get involved by becoming a member, volunteering, or participating in our various initiatives and programs. Visit our "Get Involved" page for more information.

NYP focuses on areas such as democratic governance, peacebuilding, climate change, education, youth employment, sexual and reproductive health, road safety, and gender mainstreaming.

NYP is committed to addressing the needs of both urban and rural communities in The Gambia. We believe in ensuring equitable development and opportunities for young people across the country.

NYP receives funding from a combination of sources, including grants, donations and partnerships. Our financial operations are transparent, and we adhere to responsible financial management practices.

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Absolutely! NYP provides numerous opportunities for leadership development, skill-building, and capacity enhancement through our programs, workshops, and training sessions.


You can stay informed by visiting our website, following our social media channels, and subscribing to our newsletter. We regularly post updates, news, and event announcements.

NYP is committed to transparency and accountability. We maintain clear financial records, have robust reporting mechanisms, and adhere to strict governance standards.