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  • Department: Housing and Land
  • Category: Business
  • Date: 01/12/2020
  • Location: Dhaka Bangladesh
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Sowing Seeds of Change: Environmental Initiatives for a Sustainable Gambia

In our ongoing commitment to creating a more sustainable and environmentally conscious Gambia, the National Youth Parliament-The Gambia (NYP) proudly presents our environmental initiatives. These projects showcase our dedication to protecting the environment, preserving our natural resources, and fostering a culture of sustainability.

1. Coastal Rejuvenation in Gunjur: “25 Coconut Trees for #IYD2023”

As highlighted in the previous blog post, this initiative for International Youth Day (#IYD2023) involves planting 25 coconut trees along Gunjur’s coastline. These trees not only enhance the beauty of this coastal village but also serve as guardians against erosion and climate change. Join us in celebrating youth and making a positive environmental impact.

2. “Greening Our Schools”

Our “Greening Our Schools” initiative is aimed at creating eco-friendly and sustainable learning environments. We collaborate with schools to set up green spaces, teach students about environmental stewardship, and promote eco-conscious practices. Together, we’re nurturing the next generation of environmental advocates.

3. “Clean and Green Communities”

NYP is actively involved in community cleanup campaigns and beautification projects. By working with local communities, we’re transforming public spaces into clean, green havens. These initiatives not only make our communities more attractive but also instill a sense of pride and environmental responsibility.

4. “Waste Management and Recycling”

Effective waste management is essential for a sustainable future. NYP is at the forefront of initiatives to promote proper waste disposal and recycling practices. We educate communities on waste reduction, recycling techniques, and the importance of keeping our environment clean.

5. “Protecting Biodiversity”

Gambia’s unique biodiversity is a treasure to be preserved. NYP partners with conservation organizations to protect and restore natural habitats and raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding our diverse flora and fauna. We believe that a harmonious coexistence with nature is the key to a brighter future.

6. “Advocacy for Environmental Policies”

Advocacy remains a cornerstone of our work. NYP actively engages with policymakers to influence environmental policies that support sustainability, conservation, and responsible resource management. We believe that policy change is a powerful driver of long-term environmental improvement.

7. “Youth-Led Green Innovations”

NYP empowers young innovators to develop green solutions that address environmental challenges. From renewable energy projects to sustainable agricultural practices, we support youth-led initiatives that harness innovation to protect the environment.

This portfolio represents NYP’s dedication to building a more sustainable and eco-conscious Gambia. Through these initiatives, we aim to inspire individuals and communities to take action, embrace sustainable practices, and collectively shape a greener and more prosperous future for all. Join us in sowing the seeds of change for a better Gambia.